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Prof. David Eldridge


Current Postdocs

Jing Zhang

Samantha Travers


Current PhD students

Gabriella Radnan

James Glasier


Current Honours students

Rebecca Ellice-Flint – Herbivory in shrublands

Thomas Pogson – Facilitation in arid zone shrubs



Past PhD students

Samantha Travers - Aspects of litter dynamics in semi-arid environments in eastern Australia

Stefani Daryanto - The effects of shrub removal and grazing on vegetation and soils in a shrub-encroached Australian woodland

Alan Kwok - Distrubution and structure of arthropod communities in relation to resource patches and spatial scale in dryland woodland systems

Alex James - Development of resource-rich patches by soil-disturbing animals

Wendy Thompson - Composition, structure and function of Callitris glaucophylla woodlands along a rainfall gradient across eastern Australia.

Past Honours Students

  • Debadrita Guha - Facilitative effects of canopy soil and shade across a water gradient: potential mechanisms whereby Eucalyptus trees facilitates an understorey protegee within a simulated semi-arid environment
  • Genevieve Beecham - A system-based analysis of shrub and grazing effects on ecosystem function
  • Gabriella Radnan - Does the morphology of animal foraging pits affect secondary seed dispersal by ants?
  • Kimberley Howard - Plant-plant interactions in an arid shrubland: the role of shrubs as facilitators
  • Adam Birnbaum - Does the mechanical destruction of rabbit warrens restore ecosystem function in a semi-degraded woodland?
  • Vanessa Wong - The effect of tree health on soil physical and chemical properties in Kyeamba valley NSW.
  • Andrew McLeod - Spatial distribution of organic carbon in relation to rangeland condition in a perennial Australian grassland.
  • Hamish Tucker - The role of isolated woodland trees in soil water relations.
  • Kylie Goodwin - Diversity of cyanobacteria in semi-aroid biological soil crusts in NSW Australia: impact of sheep grazing.
  • Helen Woods - An assessment of biodiversity of tree plantings in the Yomba Valley, NSW.
  • Jenny Schabel - A comparison of vegetation attributes between road reserves and adjoining agricultural paddocks in box woodlands of eastern Australia.
  • Melissa Stafford - A quantitative assessment of the soil and vegetation patterns at ‘Zara’: a sandhill remnant on the riverine plain.
  • Carly Constantinides - Mechanically ripped warrens of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.): an assessment of the soil, vegetation and active soil sandbank in the semi-arid woodlands of western NSW.
  • Robyn Simpson - Warrens of the of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.): their effects on soils and vegetation in the semi-arid woodlands of eastern NSW.
  • Will Cuddy - The distribution and floristics of non-vascular soil crusts in the box woodlands of the inland slope of NSW.
  • Niki Huang - Interrelationships between burrowing animals and arid landscapes.
  • Anna Mensinga - The impact of echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) foraging pits on ecosystem processes.
  • Jamie Turner - The effects of European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.) disturbance on invertebrate assemblages, with a focus on ants, at Fowlers Gap in the semi-arid zone of northwestern NSW.
  • Adam Vine - Busting the bunnies: an assessment of integrated rabbit control techniques in semiarid central NSW
  • Julien Reyes - Seasonal and spatial distribution of the funnel ant (Aphaenogaster barbigula) in a semi-arid woodland





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