Fun day for the ‘fun guys’

Sam_Max_FungiSamantha Travers and Max Mallen-Cooper looking for endangered fungi at Lane Cove. This research is part of a study to map the habitat for endangered Hydrocybe fungi. The work is supported by Lane Cove Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service through the Saving our Species Program.

Working with Manu Delgado Baquerizo

Manu 2_sml

Manu 1_smlWe are collaborating with Manu Delgado Baquerizo from the University of Western Sydney, looking at soil microbial communities within different patches along a rainfall gradient. Here Manu is taking soil samples from a site near Griffith.

Farewell Marta

We would like to farewell Marta who has been working for our lab for the past 6 months. She has done some fantastic work and we will miss her greatly. Thank you Marta for all of your assistance in the lab and field!!tracksAJ

Welcome Santi

Our friend Santiago Soliveres has come to visit us for the next three weeks. Santi will be working on some drylands research, sampling the local beverages and enjoying the sunshine.


Welcome Santi!!

Thanks Max

Max in fieldThe lab would like to thank Max Mallen-Cooper for his assistance over the past 6 weeks as our Summer Vacation Research Student. He has been compiling data for a meta-analysis on animal soil disturbances and has provided invaluable assistance with field work. Thanks Max!!