Marta Ruiz-Colmenero



PhD, University of Alcalá, Spain (December 2012)

Licenciatura (equivalent to BSc Hons) in Environmental Sciences, University of Jaen, Spain (2006)

Research Interests

I am interested in the environmental impact of agricultural soil use, and the assessment of different land management strategies for sustainable land uses. As a postdoctoral researcher in the area of soil science, I specialise in the assessment of soil physical parameters, soil erosion and runoff. My research also involves understanding how the interaction between soil and plant affects the soil water balance.

In particular, I have been investigating the effects of traditional tillage on soil conservation in woody crops (olive trees, vineyards) and the response of soil hydrological properties to changes in land management and in vegetation. Currently I am studying the effect of grazing on soil and the role of grazing as a driver of ecosystems processes on arid and semiarid areas.


Erosion gully


Peer reviewed journal papers

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Book chapters

Marques M.J., Ruiz-Colmenero M., García-Estríngana, P., Alegre, A., Bienes R., 2011. The role of agricultural soil management in water erosion control. Alternative uses of soil. Soil Erosion: Causes, Processes and Effects. Arthur J. Fournier (Ed.) Colección: Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology 99-118. Editorial NovaScience Publishers Inc. New York, USA ISBN: 978-1-61761-186-5.

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